Are Tempered Glass Table Tops Scratches Resistant?

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 tempered glass table tops imagesTempered glass table tops are great choice if you want to get modern and sleek look into your décor. Although the material is resistant to damages caused by high temperature and scratches, it doesn’t mean that it is scratch resistant. It means that the tempered glass also can be scratched for the inappropriate cleaning and care. So make sure to care of the tempered glass table to make it more durable in good look.

Scratches on Tempered Glass Tops

The best way to defense the scratches is by prevent it. Because when it get scratched, you will get difficulty to remove it without making more damages, then you should hire a professional glass restorer to repair it. So you need to know how to prevent the scratches by doing some simple steps. First, make sure you always put a coaster under a cup or glass before you put them on the tempered glass table tops. Besides, you also may not place sharp items on the glass table surface or even sliding something across the surface. It will only make the tempered glass easily get scratches.

How to Clean the Tempered Glass

You also should clean the tempered glass properly in order to prevent the scratches. Use spray mild cleaner that is non-abrasive to clean the table. Use lint free cloth to buff the glass surface. Besides, you also can use lukewarm water with a little dish soap drops to clean the glass surface. Then rinse to clean the remaining soap.

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You should follow the instructions from the manufacturer about how to clean and care the tempered glass. Never use abrasive cleaner and tools to clean the glass surface. It is recommended to try a small area first before cleaning the entire glass surface. So you can stop using the cleaner if some scratches occur on the tempered glass table tops.

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