Selecting a Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Butcher Block Kitchen Island Top

A homeowner who wants more counter and work space in the kitchen may consider a butchers block kitchen island. The island is not only a great way to add significant work space to the room but it can also be helpful because knives can be used directly on the surface. The elimination of cutting boards can lead to having more storage and counter space in the kitchen. Butcher blocks can also add a natural wood look to a kitchen. They can make the kitchen appear more useful and comfortable for guests and kitchen users.

Butcher Block Kitchen Island Top

If you’re interested in purchasing a butchers block island you have a number of types to choose from. The homeowner will first have to decide if he or she wants an island that is on rolling casters or one that can be installed and grounded to the kitchen floor. Butcher block kitchen islands that are equipped with rolling casters can be helpful for homeowners who may want the island to be mobile.
Rolling Caster Butcher Blocks

If you know that the island will need to be moved around in the kitchen in order for it to be more accessible, an island with rolling casters may be the best type for your kitchen. An island with rolling casters can also be moved in to a different room. A homeowner who may need extra work space in a craft room or computer room can move the island to the room it is needed in.

A butchers block centre kitchen island that is installed in the center of the kitchen can be appealing for a homeowner who does not want to move the island. An island that is installed can add value to the kitchen because it is added counter space and storage space in the kitchen area. It is also known to be a sturdier island that will stay in the kitchen area. Butcher block kitchen islands that are built in to the kitchen can also later be equipped with kitchen sinks, electrical outlets or stove tops. These accessories cannot be added to a kitchen island that is free-standing.

The homeowner who is planning to purchase a kitchen island will also need to decide what function he or she expects the island to help with. Butcher block kitchen islands can simply be used as extra counter space in the kitchen or to make the kitchen feel more furnished. Homeowners who are looking for storage space or other functions can also explore more options to installing the island.

A butchers block kitchen island can be installed with shelving, kitchen island cabinets, bars or S-hooks. These accessories can help you organize and store many kitchen accessories and utensils such as pots, pans, towels and appliances. This added storage space can allow the kitchen to feel more open and less cluttered with tabletop items. You may also be interested in equipping your butchers block kitchen island with a breakfast bar for extra dining space in the kitchen.

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