Cottage Coffee Table: Not Everything Perfect Is Big

Farmhouse Square Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential part of any room. If you have a good coffee table, your room will shine; if you have a badcoffee table, well, there is no such thing as a “bad” coffee table – there are only good, better, and holy moly that’s awesome. There are different sizes that fit coffee tables. Usually, they get neat names depending on their size. One size that is popular in today’s market is the cottage coffee table. These cottage coffee tables come in as many sizes, styles, and prices as the normal coffee table, except that they are mini-coffee tables. I find them to be about 75-percent of the normal sized coffee tables, but they are 199-percent the attitude. These come in many wood finishes and many types of looks. Your imagination is the limit. It is common to find these with drawers going down the front for additional storage. Of course, that is not a rule, just a personal observation.

Rustic Country Coffee Table

1. JCPenney has a Cottage Coffee Table that is simply the cutest coffee table I have seen. This has a gorgeous oak finish and is 17 inches high by 42 inches long and 22.75 inches wide. This has two levels of storage. The top level is two equally even sized drawers; the bottom level is two equally sized swinging doors. The lower layer of storage has slatted design on the doors with two knobs on the inner swinging door. I found this to be a steal at $229 USD.

2. Lifestyle Solutions Cottage Coffee Table is a unique blend of style and functionality. This white coffee table is like any other mission style coffee table in that it has a slatted look to the sides. However, there is an additional cabinetry on this coffee table that has two drawers that are actually wicker baskets. All of the stress point on this beautiful coffee table have been reinforced so that there is no chance of collapse. I found that the size of 47 inches wide by 23 inches long and 17 inches high was ample space for a coffee table. This coffee table is modestly priced at $357 USD, but offers a lifetime warranty.

3. Target offers a selection of cottage coffee tables that they say are “classic”. However, they do not remind me of other cottage coffee tables. They have a slatted tabletop and crisscrossing legs. I was reminded more of a picnic table, but that is not the case for everyone. This is an outside cottage coffee table and comes in black, white, natural, and sage. For around $120 USD, these cottage coffee table are perfect for your outdoor needs. As is obvious, no matter what you are looking for in a coffee table, cottage coffee tables are sure to please everyone. The style is beautiful and elegant, offering a touch of class to

The style is beautiful and elegant, offering a touch of class to anyroom and home décor. There are many available and offered by local retailers everywhere. In addition, these can be created with relative ease for someone whom knows what he or she is doing. One thing is for sure, cottage coffee tables are a class beauty that have weathered the test of time.

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