House Cleaning Checklist : Helps Make the Chores Less Of A Burden

A house cleaning checklist is not at the top of most peoples mind. If you let your mind wander too much you might spend more time cleaning. Focus on what you are doing and make every move count, and you finish more quickly. Use a house cleaning checklist. House cleaning can be time overwhelming and annoying if you move toward it without a plan in place. If you create a house cleaning checklist and then follow it each week, you’ll find that being organized helps make the chores less of a burden.

Preparing a house cleaning checklist can serve up several purposes. One is that you will have a suggestion guide as you work all the way through your chores. Another good reason to have a house cleaning checklist is that it aids in dividing up the chores if every family member has other commitments. If you are assembling a house cleaning checklist for yourself you’ll want to list the chores in the order in which you’ll complete them.

You can begin the list with the chore you least like. This is a good idea because once you get the least appealing task out of the way the rest seem easy in comparison. It’s also an excellent idea when you are preparing your house cleaning checklist to list dusting near the top of the list. The reason for this is because dusting sometimes creates residue on the floor. You won’t want to vacuum or sweep the floor only to discover you need to redo it once you’ve dusted.

Your home cleaning checklist doesn’t have to just apply to one or two days a week. Many people find it easier to keep up with their house cleaning responsibilities if they divide the chores into several days. Tackling one or two chores a day as opposed to several in one day can make the work seem less overwhelming.

At present there are also chores that don’t need to be done each week that you’ll want to include on your house cleaning checklist. Cleaning the oven, dusting behind your appliances, and washing the windows are all important tasks. These can be placed on your house cleaning checklist once a month. If you choose the same week each month it will become part of your normal routine.

You can get every family member to lend a hand with the house cleaning. Write up a house cleaning checklist that includes chores that each person can be responsible for. For a young child this could be picking up their own toys or feeding the dog. For an older child you might consider assigning nightly dish clean-up or vacuuming to them on the house cleaning checklist.

If you make a decision to do this you can also teach your child the value of hard work by offering them a weekly allowance for completion of their chores. They’ll feel good knowing they are earning money and you’ll be glad for the house cleaning help. Clean top to bottom and work your way around the room cleaning as you go, just one area at a time. Carry your cleaning supplies with you in a basket or cleaning bucket as you go so you don’t waste time having to go back to retrieve them and of course keep your house cleaning checklist in your back pocket.

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