Elements of Space and Time in Japanese Garden Design

Japanese Bamboo Garden Design

Saw one of the first things that happened in the eyes of the West Japanese garden is “void” on the part of the park. It is our concern that the park used to fill all the space in the garden for a riot of colors, but it is a key element in the design of a Japanese garden. This space or ma defines the elements around it, it is also determined from the elements that surround it. This is the true spirit and U, what many of us know the words of Yin and Yang of China.

Japanese Garden Fence Design

Without anything, you cannot get something. It is hard to understand this point, but the main principles of Japanese flower garden plans. Another important point to think about is the concept of WABI SABI and Like many Japanese words, there is not a single translation. WABI can show something one-of-a-kind, or the spirit of the thing.

The closest we can come to the literal translation is “solitary.” Sabi limit the time or the ideal image of something. The closest The closestdefinition might be “patina.” While cement lantern and one of a kind may be, you do not have a picture-perfect. Stone can be old and covered with lichens, but if it’s just a round stone has no WABI. W

Each of the concept of ma and WABI SABI deal with space and time. Where garden space, time and ably presented the changing seasons. Unlike the western gardener who left the park in the fall, and not to be seen again in the spring visits loving Japanese frond yard bamboo garden and appreciate the garden in all seasons.

In the spring revels in thebright green of new buds and flowers of azaleas. In the summer you appreciate the contrast of green foliage painted against the cool shadows and splash koi in thepond and also with fence. Wrests brilliant fall colors of the leaves die when we enter into a deadly silence of the winter, the garden buried under a shroud of snow. That is all about Japanese garden design.

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