Leather Coffee Table : A Truly Marvelous Table

Modern Leather Coffee Table

A round coffee table usually fills that spot rather well. A good coffee table can say as much as a bad coffee table. Of course, it will depend a great deal on who you ask. Styles, tastes, and trends are forever changing. What is popular in a coffee table is changing as well. There have always been “the” coffee table of that era. One coffee table that seems to always popup in that category is the leather coffee table.

Leather Coffee Table with Storage

Maybe you are thinking, “A leather coffee table with glass top? Are you crazy?” No, I am serious. If you have never seen one, you no doubt are scoffing at me right this moment, but the truth is that leather coffee tables have been around for a very long time. They made their appearance in the 50s. These were great as a table/foot rest. I remember my grandmother had one for a long time. I do not know if it was a footrest that was converted to a modern coffee table in times of desperate need – or laziness – but I know it was beautiful and I loved rolling around on the leather coffee table. Oh yes, the color. Nothing was “grandma” as that weird green color that was popularized in the 50s.

Years later, I always smile when I see a leather coffee table with storage at a rummage sale or a yard sale. They do bring back fond memories. However, I have seen a new trend in leather coffee tables. The trendy retail chains in my area have a new collection of these wondrous leather coffee tables. They are a lot larger than I remember, but some of them do serve as a foot rest as well.

You can get these at many of the more stylish retail chains in your local area if you live near any size city. You can also shop via the Internet. I really like shopping via the Internet because I get plenty of time to window shop. I never have to buy a thing, but it sure is fun dreaming and choosing. I have bought via the Internet from companies that have proof of their reliability. I also check the Better Business Bureau via the Internet to see if there is any bad reports of bad practices by that company. More likely, I like to window shop and then purchase via a retail store I can walk into and get a receipt from.

Whatever you think about leather coffee tables, I am here to tell you they are making a comeback. This is the normal evolution of something that is a true classic. No, I may not be rushing out to buy me a new leather coffee table, but I definitely like the warmth I get every time I look at one.

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