Selecting a Butcher Block Kitchen Island

A homeowner who wants more counter and work space in the kitchen may consider a butchers block kitchen island. The island is not only a great way to add significant work space to the room but it can also be helpful because knives can be used... Read more →

The Benefits of a Large Kitchen Sink

With so many options for kitchen sinks, it might surprise readers to learn that one of the favorites is the traditional, single large kitchen sink basins. Why is the large kitchen sink such a popular kitchen sink size? 1. You can accomplish... Read more →

Ever wanted a Black Kitchen Sink?

How many times in your life have you walked into a house that has a black kitchen sink? Probably not very many! For some reason, most people think that a far kitchen sink or a bowl kitchen sink has to be white or silvery. There are very few... Read more →

Remodeling Tips and Tricks for Small Kitchens

So, you are going to remodel your small kitchen? Even if you are not going to knock out a wall or expand your kitchen, there are some easy tricks to help with your small kitchen remodeling. You may not actually end up with a large kitchen, but... Read more →
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