The Top 10 Things You Will Find on a Round Coffee Table

Large Round Coffee Table

If you have a round coffee table and are just stumped about what to put on top of it. Don’t be stumped, keep reading. So many people buy coffee tables, and want to put something on it, or maybe in the center of it, but just don’t know what to use.
1. Plant
A house plant is a great thing to put in the center of your round coffee table. Make sure that it has leaves and vines that kind of hang down and that will flow around the pot for the best effect. Know that house plants are great for putting on any kind of table for decoration. If you do not have any house plants, you really should get one.
2. What not’s
If you have a larger what not, that goes with the decor and theme of your room. Try placing that what not in the center of your small round coffee table. If the what not has a front and a back side, be sure the front is facing the seating area, this way you can admire the what not while you are seated and admiring the coffee table.

Small Round Coffee TableS

3. Fresh-cut flowers
A vase of fresh-cut flowers always livens up any room. Never use fake or plastic flowers, they collect dust and get grungy and faded. Try to keep your fresh-cut flowers fresh and replace them at least once a week, more if needed. Tie a pretty ribbon around the vase, and change up the bouquet frequently. You will be surprised at the liveliness these fresh-cut flowers will bring to your space.
4. Candles
A large round candle would look really nice in the center of a round coffee table ikea. Try to get one that smells wonderful while burning, and still matches the decor of the room. Candles are great things to put in the center of any table you have, and they always add a little romantic flare to the atmosphere.

5. Water fountain
A water fountain, with rocks and running water would look great in the center of a large round coffee table. Be sure the fountain is small, and does not leak, you will not want the fountain leaking water to ruin your nice table. The sound of a water fountain trickling is a great soothing sound and will relax you after a busy stressful day.
6. Books
Books are great for decorating a round coffee table. Be sure you spread them out some, and do not use too many. Many times a book on a coffee table is a great conversation piece. Use interesting books that will spark the attention of your guests, and create an interesting conversation.

7. Magazines
Another great thing to display on your round coffee table is magazines. Again, just like books, do not use too many. Too many magazines will leave a cluttered look. Be sure that the magazines you choose are still intact and not missing the covers. These are great things for your guests to pick up and read while you are in the kitchen getting tea to serve.
8. Bowl of potpourri
A nice large bowl of potpourri is a nice addition to a round coffee table. Be sure to choose a bowl that matches the decor, and the potpourri can be found in many scents as well as colors it self. Adding a bowl of potpourri to the center of your coffee table will leave you with something pleasing to look at as well as smell.

9. Photos
A nice photo in a nice picture frame is an excellent thing to put in the center of a round coffee table. You can use a favorite photo of a friend, or perhaps of family to display in the middle of your table, making it personable as well as lovely.
10. Bowl of candy
A bowl of candy is always welcoming in the center of any table. Especially a round coffee table. Your guest will feel welcomed to have a seat and a mint as they wait for you to return from the kitchen. You can fill a bowl that matches your decor with your favorite candy, and often switch the candy out leaving it a surprise as to what kind one might find.As you can see, round coffee tables are easily decorated. With a little creativity and a touch of imagination, you can make your coffee table as personable as you want too, and enjoy it just the same.

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